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Which Colorado Town Should You Visit First? 


Have you ever wanted to visit Colorado? Have you been and hope to come back? Do you live here but want to explore your beautiful state a little further? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you've come to the right place. Each book in the Prescott Family Romance series takes place in a different Colorado small town brimming with character, adventure, beauty... and yes, a little bit of romance. But with so many wonderful towns to choose from, how does one decide where to start? 

***by this point, some of you may be wondering, "why don't we just read the series in order?" By all means, do! But since each book can be read as a standalone as well as in a series, you can also pick and choose where the story begins and where it ends.*** 

So for those of us who choose to buck tradition and find their own way, I invite you to sit back and dream of where you want to travel next. 

Take the quiz below, and then come back here to cross-reference your Colorado town with the book that is set there. 

Now that you've taken the quiz and found your next vacation destination, it's time to match that town to a book to bring with you on your new adventure! 

Match your results!


Loveland, CO --> Dear Beth 

This quirky novella takes place during the town's famous Valentine's Day festival and centers around the historic letter re-mailing program. As you follow Beth and Tye on their second-chance romance, you'll get to skate under twinkly lights, drink raspberry mochas, enjoy an Austen tea party, and visit a few four-legged friends. 

Buena Vista, CO --> The Glass Cottage 

Where history meets the West. Mining museums, historic storefronts, and resurrected ghost towns are only a handful of the things you'll find here. Follow friends Abigail and Ben as they unravel the story behind an old diary, her aunt's antiques shop, and a family secret. Learn to rock climb, kayak on an alpine lake, and figure out the best way to make an apple pie in this sleepy mountain town. And who knows, maybe you'll find your own hundred-year-old mystery to be solved. 

The Glass Cotage - Cover.png
The Glass Road1.jpg

Estes Park, CO --> The Glass Road 

Escape to an idyllic summer camp on the edge of the famous Rocky Mountain National Park. Let the stress of the city melt away as you breathe in the crisp air, find a new trail to wander, and perhaps dance under the stars with a handsome stranger. Walk alongside Tess and Austin as they rebuild an old summer camp and learn to trust in new beginnings along the way. 

Lake City, CO --> Fields of Glass 

Where strangers become friends. Roll up your sleeves and put on your work boots for life on the ranch. Wether it's installing fences, chasing after stray sheep, or learning how to harvest honey without getting swarmed by bees, there is never a dull moment in this secluded corner of the mountains. As you follow Grace, Micah, Caden, and Callie in this dual romance, you'll travel by horseback through a mountain valley, learn how to sheer a sheep, discover the health benefits of lavender and honey, and find new friendships that could last a lifetime. 

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