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Prescott Family Romance Series

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Follow the individual stories of five cousins as they uncover mysteries from the past, chase new dreams, fight for what they believe in, and find love in the heart of the Rocky Mountains

Flash Fiction Short Stories

Monsoon Homecoming flash fiction short story

Second-chance romance, moody storm clouds and dejected hero, all wrapped up in a swoon-worthy declaration of love. 

Fairy Dreams flash fiction short story

Fairies. Historic Ireland. Sea winds. And apple cake... Let this fantasy whisk you away to worlds unknown and inspire your wanderlust. 

Pond. James Pond flash fiction short story

Lighthearted spoof on all things 007. Will the hero finish the mission without getting caught by his sister's nosy next-door neighbor?

A Coded Love Story flash fiction short story

An unconventional date, morse code, and a message of a lifetime.

"My characters shall have, after a little trouble,
all that they desire." 
- Jane Austen 

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